School Fees

School Fees for 2022-2023


School Fees

The following fee structure will be in effect for the 2022-2023 school year:  

  Kindergarten:   Grade 1 - 6:
Technology Fee:    ----- $35.00
Special Project Fee: $10.00 $10.00
Total  $10.00 $45.00

School fees & Early Learning program fees can now be paid online. Visit School Cash Online to pay fees.

Early Learning Program Fees

The fee for E.L.P. students is $80 per month for two half days of programming per week. Early Learning Program fees can now be paid here, or we will accept ten post-dated cheques made payable to Palliser School Division and dated for the first of each month from September to June. These will be forwarded to the Palliser Central Office and deposited on the first of each month and a receipt will be issued.

About School Fees

Schools and school jurisdictions in Alberta are permitted to assess students for instructional supplies and materials, and technology supplies provided to the student. Fees may not be assessed for any other purpose, and the school must document that all fees are used appropriately.

School fees are due in full at the beginning of the school year. If payment in full is not possible at this time, the school can accommodate payment plans to suit all circumstances.

In cases of extreme economic hardship, parents may not be able to pay the school fee in September and have no reasonable expectation of being able to make payments later during the year. In such cases, the School Administration may be able to petition for a waiver of school fees.

Please contact the school to request a form to waive school fees.